Yesterday I was finally able to replace my galaxy. Not wanting to make a difficult situation even more stressful, I took the easy way out and bought the exact same model as my old one.

I have too many accounts online and trying to remember all 5 of my email addresses, various passwords, and which email goes with what site has been a hair pulling experience. Pandora, in particular, has been the hardest thing to get running back on track. I ended up having to cancel my gold account only to re-subscribe it with a different account. Now I’m back to square one and will need to spend months tailoring all of my eclectic stations. 

I drove Snooch to her friend’s house for sleep over. With one kid away, The Man decided that we should dress up and get Hibachi for dinner. I keep forgetting that Hoshi Akari has never been. I knew she wouldn’t care for having strangers at our table, but I was certain she would enjoy the experience. My thoughts were correct.

We were seated between 2 sets of couples. The couple on my left looked utterly miserable from the moment they sat down til the minute they paid the check. What’s the point of dropping a couple hundred dollars on a fancy dinner if you are going to miserable throughout the whole experience? The girl was on her phone throughout the whole meal and her boyfriend spent his time with a scowl on his facing, bossing around the chef. 

Both The Man and Hoshi Akari like their steak rare. It isn’t something I would enjoy, but I know by now not to question their preferences. When they told the chef how they wanted their filet cooked, the girl on our left looked horrified. She ended up ordering her steak well done and didn’t touch it. I saw major irony in that since both Hoshi Akari and The Man are every scrap of their meat with relish and enthusiasm. 

Traffic on the drive home was a nightmare. I wish my town has more options when it comes to good dining, but it doesn’t. So we go to the city to have an upgraded experience.

On that note – I’ve got to get ready for work!

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