Let’s code

Saturday 11:42 AM in the Starbuck next door. Got here around 20 minutes ago and been spending time for writing journals for past couple days. Got up couple hours ago then just came here after having a quick breakfast at home.

Planning to work on my app all day. The goal is to finish all the payment system with Stripe. Hopefully I get that done today and tomorrow then move on the next step. Also, thinking about going Long beach for skating thing at 5. So I only have couple hours today lol Gotta dig in now!

Lunch with Nikita at K-town then back to coding for an hour before I headed to Long beach for the skate. Skated about 6 miles with Moxi skate people in the long beach. Fun and exciting to skate around in the new city. Ended up at the bar on skate till 9 PM. Back home then went out again at 11 PM with Dosung for a drink in K-town and had tons of design and life talk. Good time!

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