shooting stars.

Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders actually has WORDS in it, which is shocking, because I associate it with short videos of people/animals being photoshopped doing some repetitive movement in weird places.

I have two AP exams in early May, finals around the twentieth of May, two SAT subject tests on June 3rd, and a regular SAT with essay on either June 3rd or August 26th. And a field trip to Six Flags in between the AP exams and the finals. So there’s a bright light in the future: as long as I can hold on and get this six weeks to work for me.

I can’t believe I actually have to study heat and thermodynamics for the SAT Physics test. I haven’t learned about it in my physics class, so I have to understand it in two and a half months.

I’m really done. It’s really only physics that has me down. Sad. Hopefully Physics 2 will be better next year; it should be.

I probably won’t take all of the AP exams for all of the AP classes I’m taking next year. They cost too much money, for one–$93 for one exam! when the College Board is supposed to be non-profit!–and I’m going to graduate before I get their results, anyway, so…. I’m still incredibly salty that I’m only taking two tests this year. Next year, I’m definitely taking the exams for AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 2, and AP English VI. Government, Economics, Psychology, and Computer Science A might have to be abandoned… I mean, the exams, not the classes themselves. Although I might want to take Comp Sci if I plan on majoring in it later on… who knows.

I might join Robotics or BPA next year, just to have that extra thing on my college applications. Both groups are very stressed all the time, though–especially robotics. The team is constantly exhausted from trips. My friends R and JW are both in it, and they both told me not to even consider joining until next week, when they’ll know their team layout for next year. Apparently neither of them likes the candidate for Robotics President very much; at least JW has beef with her, which he’s told me about. Also, JW is quitting next year, so the whole team could suffer if they don’t get another programmer. Sad.


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  1. That is a lot of AP exams that you’re taking and they’re $93 to take. But if you do pass them, you get college credits. That saves you thousands of dollars you would have otherwise spent on courses. A single course at NYU costs around $5,000 for example.

    But I said F. U. to college, and I dropped out, saved myself a hundred grand probably. now I’m living the dreams any college graduate would want, enslaved in a job and working full time.

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