The mistakens

Dear reader,
It’s such a disappointment to recognize the amount of limitation you and I carry. It’s not just that tingling after Molly when you see you can’t fly. It’s not even about the look on that 182-year old tortoise to your soon-to-be gray hair.
What we don’t have is all about what we got. Two colorful eyes, complicated enough to question the theory of evolution. Yet, what we lack is vision; “So creepy gal. Did u see those scars?” Two mazed ears, ready to suck every single note of life. Yet, we think they call us Johns and Janes, but dear reader “John” matches “gone”, and “Jane” matches “pain”.
Do you wanna try a bit of it? Listen to this German song, Die Eier Von Satan (The balls of satan). Listen like you are not limited to words and voices, to your prototype of everything. Guess what this song is about.
After this little trial, you are highly recommended to google the reality.

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