A Danger of EVP & Spirit Boxes


March, 2017
  Well, I suppose in all honesty, I may not be the right person to write about paranormal research. My own active research only lasted for two months and then it was over. But, in a more accurate sense, my experience with the paranormal was far from over. What I can write about with some experience is at least one danger, one risk in particular that goes along with researching the paranormal and what is essentially the unknown.
  If one’s paranormal research involves actively attempting to communicate with spirit entities (and I should point out here that it would probably be more accurate to say unknown spiritual entities), then there is a risk that one could be inflicted with a condition of spirit attachment and what these spirit attachment situations can sometimes look like essentially mirrors what some people would consider schizophrenia in many ways.
  One of these ways is that a person could start hearing voices. A person may start hearing numerous voices or just a single voice. These voices may seem to originate external (from the outside), or these voices may be heard more internal. That is, you may hear these voices speaking to you from within your head. But, one of the tactics (the sinister tactics I should say) of malevolent entities is to harass a person with constant voices.
  These voices may be incredibly cruel and tormenting, or they may be more benign. But, in many cases, they are almost always intrusive. Once they start talking to you, they never stop in many of these situations and a person must learn to retrain their mind to become desensitized to these voices and to ignore them as much as they possibly can. The voices will always try and keep your attention focused on them, but if you can learn to move away from them, you will discover that they fade further and further into the background.
  This is what one of the risk looks like and as far as paranormal research goes, this condition can be brought about by prolonged interaction with a single spirit entity (a malevolent entity) or a group of them. Based on my own experience and also after seeing accounts of many cases that were very similar to my own, I can state that initially, these malevolent entities often seem anything but malevolent during the early stages of your interaction with them.
  In my own case, I was experimenting with EVP for two months back during the winter of 2015. It didn’t take long before I started hearing numerous voices on my recordings. But, within two months these voices came out of the recordings and I began to hear them with just my naked ears at all times (until I went through a long and difficult process of learning how to block them out, something that I am still working to perfect to this day).
 The voices that I was initially hearing on my EVP recordings were all for the most part seemingly benign if not outright friendly towards me in nature. Looking back now after some time has passed, I deeply regret my decision to ever become involved with paranormal research in the first place. But, that being said, one big mistake that I made was to let these benevolent voices that I was hearing on my recordings early on lead me to have a false sense of security.
  I was new to all of this and in the beginning, my experience was so fascinating that I allowed myself to become mesmerized in a sense and further, I became completely blind to any possible danger. This never occurred to me at the time when I first started doing EVP sessions, that these voices that I was hearing on my recordings, I could start hearing outside of my recordings at all times, and worse, that at this point they would no longer be “benevolent” in nature, but that they would turn on me and become extremely tormenting.
 So, in the blindness of my false sense of security, I let doing EVP sessions become an obsession. For two months during the winter of 2015, I was doing EVP sessions practically every night. On some nights, I would do EVP sessions for hours on end. As time went on, I was able to hear more and more on my recordings and it was also becoming easier to communicate with these spirits.
  On a few occasions, I experimented with various background sounds in an effort to strengthen the volume of the voices on my recordings. I do recall that on a few occasions, as I was experimenting with these various background noises, I did in fact hear the voices with just my naked ears coming in over the noise. At the time, my experience with EVP was still benevolent for the most part (though into the second month of recording, negative voices slowly began to appear on some of my recordings), so I was not panicked by hearing these voices in real time. But, looking back now, after having gone through some very nightmarish experiences with hearing these harassing voices, when I first heard them like that, with just my naked ears, that should have been a red flag for me right there.
  But, unfortunately at the time I was still mesmerized by all that I was experiencing. So, I have little doubt that this intense and prolonged interaction with these unknown spirit entities afforded them the time and the opportunity to gain access to my perception range, so that when they were ready, they switched completely from being seemingly benevolent in nature, to becoming extremely hostile and proceeding to torment me with menacing voices as well as physical/bodily disturbances and abuses. The more that I interacted with them while doing EVP sessions, the more that I was giving them a chance to do this. They were setting a trap for me all along with their clever deception and I walked right into it.
 An attachment situation can be just that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these malevolent entities are inside of or literally attached to your body at all times. What it means is that they literally attach themselves to your life. They literally follow you everywhere that you go at all times, trying to make you aware of their presence as much as possible. In a very real way, until you can learn to become desensitized to their presence, all sense of personal privacy as you once knew it may be lost.
  These malevolent entities will try to grab and hold your attention at all times. One way they do this is by constantly trying to get you to hear the voices. But, this can be countered by working to retrain your mind to block these voices out. A crucial aspect of this is to never believe what these voices say at face value. They lie, speak in riddles and half-truths and are very cunning when it comes to playing psychological mind games. It is important to get yourself desensitized to the content of their words as quickly as possible because they will not for a moment hesitate to fill your head with all sorts of outrageous claims in order to get you to believe them. It is best, if one is in a situation where they are perceiving the voices of these malevolent entities, to take everything that you hear with a serious grain of salt and it would be even better not to believe anything that they say at all.

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