Boring Sundays = overworking brain

 I hate sundays, the day seems to drag so much which just makes my mind wander even more than normal, im constantly thinking about one thing or another it keeps me busy, hell i can have full on conversation with myself for hours its not just me in my head haha i can talk with about 4 different people just by being with myself its amazing they all have different views and ideas, medical professionals call it schizophrenia i call it seeing every possible situation outcome and everything that could happen or not happen at every moment its why i find it so hard to sleep becuase i constantly think of new thinks sometimes its just the same shit over and over again but its just me analysing every part of anything breaking down everything to find hidden meanings, different perspectives, theres always different people in my head thats why the view changes, my brain can change topic like the flick of a light switch for example i could be thinking about going out to the beach with everyone and then the next second ill be thinking about a mental asylum and who was there, who died there, what horrors were in the halls, they i can go back to thinking about women and then yhats just a rabbit hole that doesn’t stop i can thing one thing to relate to a said person and then it just gets worse and worse it seems the more i try to think of something different the worse i think about them due to me making so many comparisons to them on the littlest thing, i think ive writ enough for today now ill be back again soon

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