Child Abuse in Huntsville Tennessee and Carinda

I Watched First Methodist Church on Channel Five today. Sometimes I think that nobody loves me.But, there are Children in the World that knew they wasn’t loved way before I did.I heard that Women a long time ago in Huntsville had kids and they would just put them outside somewhere and then they would die and nobody would ever even know about it. Women are going to the Methodist Church and they are telling the Pastor about how that their Family disowns them and how that people treat them different if they are not able to pick their own lottery numbers and be Psychic right away. The Pastor preaches really good even on T.V. But, I was told that no matter what happens at Church that no matter what any of the women said that these men was going to go online to open Sex things and get women to pick lottery for them. And I’m going to mention the song Moses.

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