Day 16 – 30 Days of Kindness

Happy Easter!  Today kindness is everywhere. Even people who are not always nice smile, say hello, offer greetings and conversation. 

Sometimes that baffles me….people who are not normally nice, or happy, or kind. I really noticed it this weekend as I spent several hours in our church. There is this one particular lady. I’ve seen her there all the years I can remember and I truly have never seen her smile, or look happy.  Even on Good Friday when her children and grandchildren were with her did she offer a smile for anyone to see.  

Is she just like that or is she unhappy in her life?  Does she even realize the image she portrays to the world around her, or is she so caught up in her world, she doesn’t see what we see?  

But today was a happy bright colourful day of celebration and I smiled. I resolved that, if someone did not smile back, I was going to hug them until they did.  Fortunately for them, they all smiled back. 😊

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