Good feelings and thoughts soon are only temporary

Part of a car club to try and get me out and socialise more so this makes sense;

My car currently out of mot and going back in for one on thursday and all the happy thoughts ran through my head, i get to drive, i get to have my nice loud exhaust back on and be able to get my radio in and my sub i get all excited and happy for a couple minutes then i think of all the things that could go wrong again, i could crash again and loose another car, it could be completely fucked and need tonnes of £££ worth of repairs (very very very unlikly) nothing could go together properly a whole lot of problems, i can get so happy becuase i can sort through hundreds of variables in nano seconds and plan what will happen then at a certain time or certain point but again it can all fuck up aswell, just another post cause im bored now and just feeling like bloody rambling

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