Love yourself

Friendships and relationships, they come and go.  No matter how hard you try it will never be good enough for some people.  People will love you, and they will leave you. 

It’s going to hurt.

One thing I have learnt is that the only person who can get me through life is myself.  My relationship with myself is the most important relationship which will ever exist.

If I love myself and feel at ease in my own company, I will never have to experience loneliness.  Sure I am going to have days when I feel sad and helpless.  But I will not punish myself for this. 

I cannot numb my emotions, if I feel sad it’s ok.  I will allow myself to experience the emotion and then I will do all I can to try and lift myself into a position of feeling more positive.

Often I start to punish myself by allowing thoughts to pop into my head.  I taument myself by thinking of people who brought trauma into my life.  I still crave acceptance and love from those individuals who caused me damage.

I must forget about those people and stop dwelling on the past.  The pain is in the past, it taught me a valuable lesson and I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

For me to move on I must forgive the people who caused me heartache and thank them for what they taught me.

I am now a stronger person, and I will not be foolish enough to make the same mistakes.  

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