Definitely overate yesterday at Easter yesterday, but seeing as it was all on-plan food, I’m not beating myself up over it. I did find a good alternate to rolls, though: we used this stuff called ‘CarbQuik’ (think of it like low-carb Bisquick) to make the rolls, and they were good! Net 2 carbs each. The CarbQuik was a good base; in the future, I could add cheese and spices to make cheddar bay biscuits, maybe glaze them with butter, salt, and savory herbs to make them a more flavorful dinner roll. Either way, we ended up with way too many and I popped them into the freezer; let’s see how they hold up!

Today begins my fast with my dad. I am going to be doing a 3-day fast minimum, but I am aiming for a 5-day fast.

B: Warrior coffee (black coffee, coconut oil)
L: Nada
D: Zilch

I will make sure to get in some broth somewhere in there. If I feel ill in any way, I will end the fast immediately and eat a full meal. I don’t win or lose by completing or not completing this fast. I can stop this at any time for any reason, and I will think no less of myself for it.

Have an awesome on-plan day, everyone 🙂

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