I’m currently sitting on my bed surrounded by a tube of Pupa‘s mascara, my new bra, a large purse, and the mirror part of a palette that broke off like a week a go. I’m excited for the trip but also nervous. We leave at midnight.

Woke up around 8 o’ clock. I’ve packed my clothes, toiletries, shaven my legs, plucked my eyebrows and made my sandwiches. As soon as I got up, I had some breakfast and did my makeup. Nothing says “I’m insecure.” as 10 kg of foundation, 300 g of highlighter a brick-colour overlined lip. Hovered the staircase. Went to Tesco to get some water and goldfish (the snack, not the actual animals). I got home, downloaded another two songs that I had thought of in the morning, watched a few videos, made pork chops for Dad and I, did my eyeliner and made a date with Vilma at 9. We’re going to be taking a walk.

Biggest fears: dying at the trip, dying a virgin, the weather being hot (I have packed long trousers only, my Doc Marten’s and a sweater and mostly warm clothes), Dad falling into a pit of depression (because he’s going to be home alone for 2 days), not having enough money to buy sweet shit at petrol pumps that will give me diarrhea.

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