Ready to get your puppy home?

Are you alone and want a puppy but not sure how to prepare yourself?

I am sure you might have come across many books and articles online but below are just the Do’s and Dont’s from my experience when I got my dog home who was only 6 weeks(Yes, he was super cute and tiny, see picture). Yes, I know it’s too early but when I went to see the breeder, I didn’t go with the intention of getting a puppy home the same day. But when I saw Marcus, I fell in love with him and could not leave without him.

Here are some suggestions:
*Do your research online on the type of puppy and from where to get him/her. Breeder/Shelter? I got mine from a breeder.
* Do some shopping before hand and get things like some soft toys(specially something for him to chew on and keep him occupied), training pads, water/food bowl, a training pen, cleaning wipes. Have everything in place before you get him/her home. I did this, after I got him because getting him home was not planned.
*Do NOT hold puppy with bare hands. Use towel for first couple days to avoid him getting infected specially if you are going out with him/her. Someone at Petco suggested this.
*Do take your new puppy to the vet as soon as you can to make sure he/she is healthy and proper care can be taken if not. 
*Do NOT loose patience. First couple days might be rough while the puppy tries to adjust to the new environment, new people and new house. Puppies like to cuddle and sleep with his/her owner the first couple days, so try to spend more time with them. Even better, if you sleep with them first 2-3 days.
*Do NOT make changes to his/her feeding schedule first couple days while he/she is still getting used to the new environment. Always consult vet before doing so.

*Do NOT worry, if your baby is shaking or talking in sleep. That’s normal and it only means they are dreaming and in deep sleep.Just like babies, it tend to happen a lot in puppies.

This is simply based on my own experience. If any one of you have a different experience, feel free to share in comments. I would love to know more. Thank you!!

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