Day 17 – 30 Days of Kindness

What kind of amaziness did I land myself in when I found this job?  Today I worked from home. I have everything I need here so I decided to give it a try.  Holy shabamm is this the most awesome thing ever.  I literally rolled out of my bed at 9:20am, had enough time to dress, brush my teeth, groom a bit, make coffee and start work at 9:30am. 

I mean come on, that is the sh*t, right?  I got a ton of work done and I loved every minute of my day.  I do have to schedule better food into my work days, regardless if I am here or at the office.  I get busy and forget to eat or drink water. I will set a goal to be more diligent, prepared and conscious of these things.

I love my fuzzy slippers job. Thank you God and universe for bringing me to this place in my life. Ten months ago I did not see a way through the darkness into a new future, but today the world is bright and has shown me great kindness; for which I will be grateful every day and return that kindness back as best I can. 

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