Day 416 – Easter

Sunday, April 16th 2017

Happy Easter/Passover/other celebrations!

I went to church today and my brother joined, since he couldn’t say no to going when it was Easter. It was a bit more boring this time, because it was mostly just the choir signing, so my mind couldn’t help but drift off, though the kids from the French church in a section of the building next door sang, which was really cute. There was a good 5 minutes of awkward silence while they tried finding the music and the kids who cared just smiling, which was funny.

At home we ate, then I went on YouTube until 3pm, when my two grandmothers, uncle, other uncle, aunt and cousins came over. My brother and I talked, since that’s what we usually end up doing, because we don’t know what to say to the other family members/they’re already in a conversation, then we decided to play Apples to Apples and Cranium with our cousins, until we went to eat. Afterwards, we talked and showed them the Vive. They played Tilt Brush and a bit of Job Simulator, until everyone left.

Seems the server was in a bit of trouble and four people got banned in early morning, then people just became a bit rude while staff was gone. It’s understandable that staff is busy cause of Easter, but we do need more staff members.

WindSailor sent me an email with questions on psychology, and since I plan on doing my studying tomorrow (or today, since it’s passed midnight) which includes psychology, I’ll go through my notes to answer them.

I tried Persona5, and it’s really cool. I like it so far. I named my character Remus Black. I was thinking of Harry Potter names and it wanted both first and last, so they seemed to fit it. The character seems like a wolf type, and his hair is black, so why not.

Before going to bed, which is now, I decided to watch a scary lockdown video. Why do I do this to myself? Now I’m gonna be paranoid that someone is watching me from the hallway. This is the major reason why I gave up on creepy pastas (but sometimes I can’t help myself!). I’m gonna watch a light-hearted video now.

That’s all for today.

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