Do you ever feel useless?

Like it wouldn’t make a difference if you were there or not. Like everybody finds you unbearably annoying. Like there’s no point in you exsisting?


Your heart aching as you do nothing but let the tears fall  


I feel that way sometimes  


2 thoughts on “Do you ever feel useless?”

  1. To answer the question, yes I do sometimes feel that way as well. Probably more often than I’d like to admit. I have a diagnosis of clinical depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. All of that contributes to negative feelings and questioning how I am perceived by others. Wondering what they think or say about me. I am not currently in therapy, but I have been many times. It can/does help. I would suggest you find someone “real” to talk with. Someone that has skills to make suggestions on how you can feel more positive. Or even help you understand why you feel this way. Good luck to you. I truly hope you have more happiness inside quickly. I know it comes and goes, but I hope you feel better.

  2. @Scruffysmom

    Hiya. I’ve never been diagnosed with any mental illnesses; but then again, I’ve never thought about the possibility of having them. Thank you for the luck and thank you for the tips 🙂
    It’s rare that I feel this way, although lately it has been happening more than I’d like it to :/
    I really hope things get easier for you

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