end of what began as a rough day

i ended up getting my shit together. i ended up washing my face and kept going until i was working. it felt good slowly getting out of that rut. although i didn’t meet my productivity goal, i did accomplish a lot and i feel good about what i studied. 

lately i’ve been using spotify to stream music. it’s my only connection to current pop music and i’ve gotta say, today’s hits are mostly annoying. the only songs i liked were Chained To The Rhythm and Sign Of The Times. i find that i’m pretty intuitive when harmonizing to new melodies, which i subconsciously do when i’m listening to music and studying. i’m working on improving on deeper harmonies – high sounds get picked up with more ease than deeper ones because of frequency, so naturally i’ve been more accustomed to harmonizing as a soprano.

this is only my second post and i’ve only started this online journal less than 12 hours ago, but i think perhaps i will use this regularly. i forgot how much i like writing my thoughts down, mundane as they may be.

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