April 20, 2017

10:25 pm

  Today the voices of these negative spirit attachments were pretty mild for the most part. I barely heard them at all this morning and while I was at work today. They are acting up a little now, but this has been the time of night when they seem to gain in strength. 

  Tonight I have been hearing them repeating that phrase again that they’ve been saying quite frequently for the past few months now. They keep saying ” we are higher life forms.” They were saying this phrase a lot for awhile, but recently they seemed to be saying it less and less and I was fully expecting them to start repeating another phrase over and over again as part of their repetition tactic.

 But, at least tonight, they seem to be reviving this statement.  I don’t know what they mean by saying this and odds are they don’t mean anything by it, it’s just another one of their riddle like statements. They want to get you thinking about and dwelling upon the phrase that they choose to keep repeating over and over again for a time. They are deliberately being unclear as far as the meaning of these key phrases that they repeat over and over again. Again, they like to speak in riddles essentially.

  Sometimes when they are using this repetition tactic of theirs, they will repeat phrases constantly, they’ll say them continuously on a non- stop basis. Other times, it won’t be constant, but they’ll repeat a particular phrase several times a day for a number of weeks or months. Personally, I think it’s a desperate tactic, but I have experienced  both the constant and the intermittent form of this repetition tactic of theirs. I think they employ this tactic when their other mind games begin to have little or no effect on a person.

 Sometimes, it seems like they have numerous key phrases that they like to use. If one isn’t causing that much of an effect on you, they’ll switch to another phrase that they hope will have an impact.

I’ve observed that they often use the same tactics, like a bag of tricks that they are fond of using over and over again.  They often just use the same old tactics, but they often put a new spin on it, so you may not recognize it at first when they seem to be changing their behavior. But, often it eventually becomes clear that they are doing the same old things that they were doing before, using the same bag of tricks. Overtime, it becomes easier to recognize this.


April 16, 2017

10:15 pm

  It was an average day today really, these negative spirit attachments didn’t act up any more than they usually do these days, so I guess you could call this a somewhat stable situation for the moment (all things considered.) Today was the first day this year where I had to turn on my air conditioner because it was rather warm outside. Of course, these harassing entities used this steady source of background noise to make me hear them that much louder. Really though, it wasn’t any different from when I was running my heater over the winter.

  Yes, if I do make my immediate environment more on the quiet side by not running anything that makes a steady source of background noise, then the voices are much, much weaker in strength. Yes, I will often still hear them in a quiet environment, but at a much fainter level. Often, it is very whispery or it is what I call “close in.” This is where a voice will get in close right up to me and start speaking into one of my ears. Often, I can actually even feel a faint breath hitting my earlobe when this happens. It usually occurs in my left ear, it’s almost like they prefer to speak into this ear, but occasionally, I will also experience a voice speaking directly into my right ear as well.

  At night, they are still trying to mess with my sleep by causing the physical sensations/disturbances as soon as I get into bed. But, for the past week, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve been very busy at work recently, so in a sense, my mind has been preoccupied to the point where I simply don’t notice the presence of these harassing entities that much. So, things have kind of leveled out. It has been awhile since I had a really bad day as far as dealing with them.

  They don’t cause me a lot of stress and anxiety now, it’s more like annoyance and aggravation. They do aggravate me when they mess with my sleep, which is exactly why they do it. But, they are still attached to my life and things have never been ever since I experimented with EVP back during the winter of 2015. After just two months of recording, I was hit with this attachment/oppression situation. At first, the voices that I was hearing on my recordings seemed benign, if not outwardly benevolent. Then, by the second month things began to change and I began to hear what I can only describe as negative voices on my recordings.

  Then at the end of the second month of recording, these negative voices came out of the recordings and I began to hear their voices with just my naked ears. For a time, I was hearing these negative voices on a constant basis, non-stop 24/7. My hearing has not yet returned to normal since I experimented with EVP. I am very glad that my situation has calmed significantly, but to this day, I still hear these intrusive voices as well as frequently experiencing a high-pitched ringing in my ears.

  So, is EVP safe?

  My answer is not entirely, not entirely at all. It’s essentially calling out into the vastness of the unknown and you just really don’t know who is going to answer your call and further, what their intentions and abilities are. I have seen it written, that if you just walk away from doing EVP sessions for a while, the issues usually go away. Perhaps this is true. Perhaps, in most cases the issue does fade away. But, I’d say that this does not hold true in every case. Sometimes, these issues linger. An attaching entity essentially attaches to your life and just quitting recording for EVP may not end the attachment situation at that point. So, there is a risk of getting into a situation that can have a major impact upon your life and may not be able to be quickly resolved.

 April 17, 2017

9:50 pm

 All in all, just an average day. But, it’s that time of night when these harassing voices seem to gain in strength. They’ve been rather annoying for the last hour. They’re pretty much just saying the same old crap as usual. I’ll probably turn in soon. The situation continues at this leveled out, annoying routine level for now. But, on the plus side, that’s all it is to me now…an annoyance. I don’t even like to think about where I was with all of this exactly two years ago.

April 18, 2017

9:15 pm

  It was an average day. I didn’t notice the presence of the voices that much at all while I was at work. They are starting to get a little stronger now, but this has been the time of night when they have been recently. I’d say that I did a pretty good job today at ignoring the voices. A few times, I was feeling that all too familiar sensation of a faint breath hitting my left earlobe. I could tell that it was “Pippy,” but I blocked out what she was saying. All in all, “they” were quite weak today

April 19, 2017

6:50 pm

 Last night was not bad at all as far as the voices or the physical sensations go. I was so tired by the end of the day that I passed out quickly. Last year at this time (during the busy season at my work) the voices were terrible and extremely disruptive. This year, this is not the case. When I’m preoccupied with work, it’s helping me to ignore the voices much more. They still gain some measure of strength at night, but during the day they are very faint and not much of a disruption to me at all.

 April 19, 2017

 9:47 pm

  Tonight, I was feeling the familiar sensation of a faint breath upon my left earlobe and I could hear the faintest voice speaking into my left ear. It was so faint that I couldn’t make out anything that was being said.

 I experienced some mild physical disturbances last night while I was trying to sleep. But nothing that severe. Right now is my busy season at work and recently I’ve just been very busy with work, so much so that I haven’t been noticing the presence of these intrusive voices nearly as much. This wasn’t always the case. Last year at this time they were a real problem for me in regards to focusing on my work. This year, I’m better able to push them into the background, which is a good thing.

 So, I am making progress on that front. But, they can be persistent, though I’m determined to carry on and push them further and further out of my life and one day hopefully they’ll be gone. It has been a struggle, a very tiring struggle. In a very real way, it’s a battle of the mind.

 So, yes this type of attachment situation is a very real danger when experimenting with EVP or any other form of spirit communication. Such activity does carry the risk of having malevolent entities attaching themselves to your life and then this becomes a battle to gain control of the situation and to push them out.

April 23, 2017

9:03 pm

  Today was pretty mild as far as these negative spirit attachments go, though it was not without incident. During the morning I was out and about doing some side work so I was to preoccupied  to pay them any mind at all really. But, once I got home around mid-afternoon, they started to try to aggravate me. It’s true that when I’m at home, when things are quieter, that’s when their presence and their harassments are more noticeable.

  On and off all afternoon I was feeling that all too familiar sensation of a faint breath hitting my left earlobe. I could hear the faintest voice (which I’m pretty sure is the meanest voice, the female voice I call “Pippy”). The voice was so faint that I couldn’t really make out what was being said, and I was exactly trying to either, but the faint breath as a voice spoke into my left ear was very noticeable.

 Then, later in the afternoon I tried to rest for a bit but that proved unsuccessful for as soon as I got into bed, I began to feel the physical disturbances that they cause. I was feeling the familiar vibration sensation mostly around my legs. Then I began to feel jabs and pinched as if they were coming through the mattress. I could also hear ” Pippy’s” voice talking through my pillow. This has become a regular tactic of hers these days. So, my attempt at any sort of test proved a failure and I gave up on even trying After about fifteen minutes.

  Then, as I was sitting in my living room chair reading a book this evening, I began to feel the sensation of being jabbed through the chair again. Also, at one point I felt this sharp almost electric shock sensation to my left foot. It only lasted a few moments, but it was painful. This is something that I have experienced from them before but they do not do it that often. They don’t seem to be able to maintain causing me this sensation for very long, but when I do experience it, it can be quite aggravating.

April 23, 2017

9:15 am

It’s a bit chilly this morning, so I’m running my heater. As usual, these attached harassing entities are using the steady noise as a means to project their voices at me with greater volume. I’m must say though, that I’m barely making out anything that they are saying at all. There’s just this constant chattering going on in the background. Every few moments, a word or a quick phrase might jump out, but all in all…I’m doing a pretty good job of blocking them out this morning.

  Last night went pretty easy as well. I remember hearing a voice coming up through my pillow a few times, but I passed out rather quickly and didn’t have to deal with the annoying physical sensations for very long. In fact (knock on wood) it has been quite a while since these harassing entities seriously disrupted my sleep. I’ve simply been very busy with work and all recently and as aggravating as that can be, it has seemed to allow me to push the presence of these entities into the background of my perception range, which is a good thing.

  But, they linger. They are still very much attached to my life and I’m in my second year of dealing with this situation. They do not give up easily. But, I’m optimistic that I will continue to move further and further away from them. My hearing though, has never been quite the same since I experimented with EVP for those couple of months back in 2015. I’m not sure exactly how its changed, but it seems that my hearing is in a way more enhanced now. I can hear deeper, deeper into sounds if that makes any sense at all. But, I do not find this to be any kind of gift or special ability at all, because at that deeper level of hearing…that is where I mostly hear the voices of these harassing entities and they always seem to be there.

 4:50 pm

  I’m fighting off sleep here. I was out doing a little work on the side this morning and well, I’m a bit tired out now. I began to almost fall asleep a few moments ago, but just like clock-work, the disrupting physical sensations started right back up. It was mostly the all too familiar vibration sensation. I’m going to try and see if I can get some rest again now. I’m very tired, but of course these harassing entities will do what they can to try and disrupt me.

5:30 pm

As expected, my afternoon rest was brief and was disrupted by the physical sensations that these harassing entities were causing. Mostly, I was feeling slight jabs coming up out of the mattress again. I was also feeling the vibration sensation quite intensely around my legs. On the plus side, I’ve been able to get to sleep at night pretty easily recently. So, you win some, you lose some I guess.

8:00 pm

 Things have quieted down some for now. On and off for the past few hours, I have been hearing a very faint voice speaking into my left ear. The voice is so faint that I can’t even hear what it is saying and I’m not trying to either. But, more noticeable than this, I can feel that familiar sensation of a faint breath hitting my earlobe. So, it’s the same old routines, but all in all their presence has been much weaker recently. It is still the physical sensations at night that I often experience that are the most outright disturbance of all anymore. But, I’ve become quite desensitized to this by now and it has been quite a while since they have disrupted my sleep in a major way, such as depriving me of sleep for an entire night. Though, I know that this can still occur, so I’m not fooling myself about that.  Causing me to experience sleep deprivation still seems to be one of their main goals.

  I do still take a sleep-aid on most nights. I would love to stop needing to. If it were just the voices that I was dealing with, then I think that I might be able to because I have progressed at blocking them out. If I do happen to find myself hearing the content of what they are saying, it doesn’t really affect me or trouble me in any real way now. I guess you could say that at this point, I take everything that I hear them say with practically a truckload of salt (as opposed to a grain of salt as the old expression goes).

  But, these physical sensations and disturbances are much more difficult to ignore. If you feel something, well then as far as I know…you just feel it. But, I have become more desensitized to this form of harassment as well. But, I still take a sleep-aid on most nights because I simply can’t afford to be deprived of sleep. Perhaps soon, I’ll try once again to see how I fair without it, but for now…I’m still pretty much dependent on it to get a decent night of sleep.

April 25, 2017

 11:05 pm

  I just had a few voices speaking into both of my ears just a short while ago. The voices were faint, but they had a sharpness about them that is hard to describe. It has since stopped. It went on for a few moments and then ceased. I mostly heard these voices in my left ear. But, I did also experience hearing them speaking directly into my right ear as well. While I do experience hearing them speaking into my left ear more frequently, this is not always the case. Sometimes, I do in fact hear them speaking into my right ear and sometimes it even seems like directly into both ears at once.

  April 26, 2017

6:39 am

  There was no significant problem last night while I was trying to sleep. I was hearing a voice speaking through my pillow again, but really this has become something of a nightly routine now, so I don’t even find it that much of a disturbance anymore. As soon as I awoke this morning, I heard the voices, but only faintly. This seems to be something of a regular routine now as well. They start off weaker, but seem to gain in strength more as the day goes on. They’ve still been repeating the same kind of things that they have been saying for the couple of months now. They’ve been calling themselves “higher life forms” quite a lot. But, they don’t seem to be focusing nearly as much effort anymore on concocting elaborate mind games and storylines any more.

  Hopefully they realize that such things are no longer that effective on me anymore. I don’t believe anything that they say at face value and for the most part now, I’m quite indifferent to the content of their words.

  April 26, 2017

10:00 pm

  The voices of these harassing negative spirit attachments were mild for the most part today, annoying but mild. I tell you I hear them (if I listen) call themselves “higher life forms” all day long. Of course, I really have no way of knowing with any degree of certainty what kind of life forms they actually are, but I tend to access them by their actions. If they were such higher life forms, then why aren’t they out doing higher life form things? Would they just rather be following me around all day?

  I spoke to a friend today on the phone, someone I just met recently who is also dealing with this situation. She was telling me that the negative entities that harass her have also been messing with her sleep by causing the disturbing physical sensations and also by messing with her dreams. I too went through a period back in 2015 where they were messing with my dreams, giving me troubling dreams….nightmares essentially. This went on for a few weeks and then it just stopped. I’m not sure why. Maybe they just lost the ability to mess with me in this way over time, or perhaps it was my frequent taking of sleep aids at night that rendered this particular tactic too difficult for them to pull off. I simply don’t know. But, I can say that their messing with my dreams does indeed appear to have ceased entirely.


 I’ve been experiencing the ringing in my ears for the past hour. Through the ringing, I can hear faint voices. I’ve seen much mention of this ringing in the ears from other accounts of this situation that I’ve seen. For me, it had stopped for quite a while, but now it’s something that I’ve been experiencing again for the past few months. Though, I should add, pretty much just like with the rest of this situation, when I experience it now…it is not nearly as intense as it was for me back during the beginning of this situation in 2015.

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