Well,  hi there.  I am writing my first entry.  I really wanted some kind of diary to share my world and (probably)  mostly vent to anyone that will “listen”.  I don’t have many people in real life to talk to and I don’t want a paper journal at home that can be discovered /read by my husband,  or anyone   Most of my problems revolve around this ridiculous mistake of a married life I live in. I chose to get married almost 11 years not because I was in love,  but because I got knocked up (not by choice) and had what seemed to be an awesome opportunity to financially provide for my new baby.  I had to move out of state and we were to take over an established (30+ years) business.  I thought,  I’m not leaving the state with a BOYFRIEND and I need full access to the finances because I have someone to care for besides myself. I chose to marry him. Mind you I had refused his proposal on a few occasions before this happened  What was I thinking!?  The in-laws backed out of the contract so we moved back to our original home town and I was stuck in an unwanted marriage. Ugh,  it’s such a long story.  Eventually,  I imagine all the details will be here,  but for now that’s plenty.  I want to say stuff about another HUGE complaint/trouble I live with,  but I’ll create a new entry for that.  

3 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Sounds complex but I’m sure I’ll be reading more soon 🙂 you write a bit like myself and I’m guessing you’re prob my age too, some similarities there which is good. I think people write on these sites for advice and support; I know that’s why I’m here. Take care for now x

  2. Thank you for the comments. Emzygirl, thank you. I know I need to make some moves and create a happier environment for myself. I’ve planned to several occasions, but the timing isn’t right for one reason or another. I find myself stuck yet again. I’m sure it’s my fault/choice/excuse and I am terrified of being alone and going through a divorce. Eventually, I believe I’ll find what it takes within myself, but for now I’m doing my best and making the best of where I am.

  3. Hi moaningmini! I’ll have to read some of your posts since you say I write like you do. I just turned 38. I look forward to reading your ‘stuff’ and sharing more of mine. For now, I have to go to work. Hope your day is amazing.

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