Routines ( iii)

April 19, 2017

10:48 pm

 All in all, these harassing voices were pretty weak for the most part today. Earlier this evening, I was feeling that familiar sensation of a faint breath hitting my left ear lobe. I could hear the faintest voice trying to speak continuously into my ear, but it was so faint that I could easily block out what the voice was saying.

 I’ve been busy at work recently, so this seems to be helping with pushing the voices into the background. It wasn’t always like this. Last year I remember that the voices often caused me a lot of problems at work. But, this year it seems that being busy (even when I’m stressed out), is helping me to ignore these intrusive voices that much more.

  Even the physical disturbances at night have been much weaker recently. They are still present to some degree practically every night still. But, they to seem to be weaker in intensity. I hope this trend continues. Having my sleep messed with by these voices and the physical sensations gets old real fast

 I just took two doses of sleep aid a little bit ago so, I’ll see how it goes tonight and whether or not this trend where the physical disturbances are weaker, continues. I’d love to stop taking a sleep/aids and being so reliant on them. But, I can’t take chances with my sleep, but they still seem to make disrupting it a priority.  So, the Battle for Sleep continues.


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