Is EVP Safe ?

 I’d have to say not always, not entirely. Every day for the past two years I have been hearing intrusive and often harassing voices from negative spirit entities that I first came into contact with by means of EVP back during the winter of 2015. In essence, they came out of the recordings. It was a long fight to conquer the anxiety that they once caused me in my life. They still persist, but they no longer cause me nearly as much anxiety as they once did.

  Every day for the past few months, I’ve been hearing them say “we are higher life forms.”  But, I still don’t know who they really are. They often tell me how much they think of themselves. They play mind games and they speak in riddles and they just chatter away constantly. Gaining the ability to block out the voices has been slow going for me. But, it is possible, it can be done. I have also made progress in desensitizing myself to the physical sensations/disturbances that they cause me at night. What was once terribly disturbing to have to live with is now just damn annoying.

Is EVP Safe?

 Not always. Spirit Attachment is a real phenomenon. Just because modern science and medicine does not generally recognize these things, does not make it any less real. Sometimes, if you go searching for this kind of contact with the unknown, by the time you find it, you’re already down the rabbit hole. So, yes it has its serious risk. In essence, you could potentially be putting yourself in harm’s way. It’s always best to know what the danger of experimenting with EVP is before getting started and one danger in particular is getting struck with a spirit attachment situation. Sometimes, these spirit attachment situations mirror many of the symptoms commonly associated with schizophrenia. Hearing voices being a major one here. If one gets hit with a spirit attachment, they could develop a condition of hearing voices.

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