Oh, you happy people
Ain’t your lives wonderful?
With clarity and a smooth, daily plot
it seems you’re lucky with all you’ve got
Oh, you happy people
wrinkling your noses at tragedies
some foreign dimension you’d rather not be in
perhaps even thinking:
“Thank God, that ain’t me!”
Some happy people choose to only see
what only brings them joy
They mock at the sulking, quiet ones
as they start passing judgments
“What are you complaining about?”
they remark without a doubt
“Quit being such whining, cry-babies
Life is precious, but you just can’t see.”
Some people are too happy
they forget their empathy
Instead of reaching out to those in needs,
they look the other way until the sad ones quit
Some happy people feel detached
with those who choose to embrace death
They’re too busy preaching about God, the sins and hell
instead of checking if others are really well
Oh, you happy people
Your comments are way too nasty
towards those fallen souls
You forget their grieving friends and family
(Oh, you have no idea!)
Just shut up for once
and try to do something more
than just giving opinions…
(Jakarta, 6/4/2017 – 8:00 pm)

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