Most Popular Breakfast Restaurants in Los Angeles

Breakfast is an important part of your meal. You should never skip it as breakfast can make your day a happy one. Your mood swings can be controlled with the help of good food. If you start your day with good breakfast you will feel good and relaxed. So breakfast is really important as it will not only help you gain energy, but also gives you a good start.

It might be very difficult for working ladies cook breakfast; you can also try Breakfast Restaurants near you. Restaurants serve a wide menu of breakfast dishes which are healthy and delicious. If you don’t want to have a hectic schedule in the morning you can easily search in google food places near me or food near me and get a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast restaurants in Los Angeles are famous for a wide variety of menus and their services. Restaurants give good quality food at an affordable price. There are a number of restaurants where you will find a good menu for a take away breakfast. You can order and take away your breakfast with you, which saves a lot of time. Youngsters don’t get to interact with their family members. Breakfast restaurants are a nice place to hangout for students living in hostels and distant places.

Some good breakfast restaurants in Los Angeles are:

  • Honey Bee’s House of Breakfast: Here you get good Portuguese sausages which are totally mouth watering. The price you pay for these sausages are reasonable compared to other restaurants. You can have pancakes too at cheap rate which are sufficient and delicious to satisfy your taste. The place is small but the food is amazing. It is quite difficult to grab a table during weekends.


  • Pann’s: You will experience a life-affirming breakfast menu here. The food is delicious and healthy enough to keep you filled till lunch time. You can get along with a float and some fried streak which are delicious.


  • Republique: The breakfast menu is so good and delicious that you can wait in a long queue and pay $13 without any hesitation. The place is so good that you might have to wait for a table and with American sandwich it proves to be totally worth. The sandwiches are not only delicious, but are healthy as it has eggs, cheese, pork belly sausages and mayo makes it more interesting to eat.


  • Pho Hoa: It is a Chinatown stalwart which serves classic Vietnamese dishes. The ambience of this restaurant is very soothing and soulful. If you want to get out of your hangover and reach office on time, then Pho Hoa might help you with a good breakfast dish.


  • Pacific French Bakery: You get here delicious food at a reasonable price with a good ambience. So, this place is super good for take away like creampuffs and coconut macaroons. During the weekend you might experience a long line of daily customers, but with a good staff service they keep on giving fast service.

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