Spring Break was fun! I might be a teen model soon!! :)

Spring Break went by fast, but that’s because it was lots of fun! During the time off from school, I did lots of surfing, boarding, drawing and hanging out with friends. I did get to the malls, and my folks and I went to Gator land and also to Universal Studios. “The pic above was taken by my mom as I surfed in the cove behind our house on Friday” 🙂

While at the Florida Mall last Tuesday, Something really crazy happened, a man and lady pulled me aside to ask me some questions about if I ever thought about being a model. Because I am only 16, they handed me a business card and asked me to have my parents contact the agency if they were interested in allowing me the opportunity.

My folks talked it over with me after my dad called the agency. It turns out that the agency is willing to meet with my folks and I at a location in Orlando to discuss all the requirements, and if my folks and I agree to accept their offer, I would sign a contract, with a signing bonus and officially become a teen model 🙂

What I do know so far, is they want to use me in photo shoots that are targeted at teen fashions for some well known retailers. I will know more about all that later IF my folks let me sign a contract and I will let y’all know also. My mom is like so excited and my dad is cool with it too! Idk how I really feel about it all yet, me a teen model?

Also during Spring Break, this past weekend, I surfed in the Easter Pro/Am Surfing Tournament in Cocoa Beach. On Saturday, I qualified for the surf offs for my age group. There was 5 other surfers that I had to compete against and There was a $1.000 prize for first place.

I did not finish with the best score and I did not win the $1.000 first prize but, I did finish second in my age group and took the second place prize of $500! Yay!  🙂  The dude that won is 17 and has a lil bit more experience and it showed! He deserved to win and I hugged him and gave him congrats. For me, there’s always next year! 🙂

Before I finish this post, I just want to say that I’m really sorry to all of my friends on here,  for not being able to post or comment more often then I do. My life right now is crazy busy with school and other stuff that is going on. I am going to try and leave comments and posts more, especially to those who will leave comments on my entries. I know it works two ways and I am sorry for my part. 🙁  I want to especially thank you Blue, for your awesome comments.{BIG HUG} to you! 🙂  Also, thanks to MBN, Steve, Spartan, Grace, Observant, and Pretty. 🙂


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  1. Cameron, It’s always great to catch up and read about how you are living your life. From the little that I have read from your posts, my insight about you is limited but from what I have read so far you seem to be someone who is full of light and values spirituality and religion ( I may be wrong). If this is the case-just be careful pursuing the world of modeling. It’s can become very ruthless, its materialistic and a very artificial world. I’m only pointing this out because I sense that even at a young age-you are someone who is connected to a greater cause. Make sure this is something that you really want to do. Good Luck & Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks Spartan, Idk what to expect with modeling but your words of advise, I will speak to my folks about. My folks and I are meeting with the agency on Saturday afternoon in Orlando. I surely don’t want to get into something that will harm me in any way nor mess up my true focus in life. I am a Christian teen and my faith in God is strong. This is one reason my folks enrolled me into a Christian Prep School. Thanks so much for your awesome advice! I am also really sorry that I overlooked mentioning your name in this post. ( I have since added your name ) You are a follower and I value that and your awesome comments and advice. Hope you have an awesome weekend and stay safe! 🙂

  3. Awww ! Your are welcome!*two hugs back*
    Your mum seems like a good photographer, that pic is so good! You look soo tall 🙂
    You being a model, that’s such good news 🙂
    I’m so happy for you!
    You have this big heart and optimism oozes from you,you will come 1st next year for sure 🙂
    & you know,you don’t need to reciprocate the comments,I’ll still read all your posts!
    A big congratulations once again 🙂
    Thankyou for mentioning me, much love!

  4. Thanks blue! My mom is always taking pics of me surfing, playing baseball and of my sisters too lol. It’s kind of like a hobby to her. I’m actually almost 6′ tall so ur right that I look tall in the pic 🙂 I signed the contract with my folks on Saturday and am now officially a teen model. I will be doing photo shoots starting this summer in Key West and South Beach Florida and might go to California a couple of times also. My mom or dad will have to go with me on any shoots because of my age and I will also have to maintain my grades in school. That should be no problem! Thanks again for reading my journal and commenting. Big Hugs and much love back at you! 🙂

  5. i’m busy in college projects,developing a windows app (pray for me :))) pleasee)
    So sweet, your mom is creating memories of you all that you’ll cherish in the future…
    Waiting for your pics! *_*
    you will be the sexiest doctor model in future,i’m sure!
    and I’m sure you can manage school very well cuz you are a responsible and mature teen!
    BIG HUG!

  6. Lol thx blue! Good luck on your app and I will say a prayer for you! 🙂 Thanks again for the congrats! I would share pics with you blue, maybe even post a selfie with my next journal entry. BIG HUG! 🙂

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