April 18, 2017

The long weekend was great. It was very nice having my partner around the whole day for four days straight. I sometimes feel lonely at the house when everyone is working. I have my cats around me almost the whole day but I can’t have conversations with them. They just stare at me and probably think what is this crazy person talking about. 
I did almost all my chorus on Friday in order for me to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I only had to go to the grocery stores on Saturday because there was no more time for us to go on Friday. That day was hectic already and I usually go to two different grocery stores on the same day. I still haven’t found a store which has everything I need. 

My partner and I went on a sushi date night on Friday at a small sushi restaurant. It was very nice and cozy. We love sushi. We pick each time a different type of sushi to enjoy the different flavors. There are many sushi restaurants in Aruba but I only like four of them. Gari & Wasabi is still my favorite but it’s expensive. It is nice to leave the house and do something different. 

We were very lazy the rest of the weekend. We played a computer game almost the whole day and ate junk food. It was not what I have planned but I just wanted to relax. We also had a family BBQ at my house which was nice.
Going to the gym on Saturday was a waste because we did not do so much and all the things we ate sure did not help. Oh well. This means that this week is going to be tough. No more junk food, no more sugary stuff and hard work at the gym. 



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