Driving me crazy

So today I had one of the worst panick attacks of my life and I’m currently dealing with the aftermath leftover from it, so I thought I’d come here for help cause the people on here are really helpful and nice. So today I started driving school,something I’ve been putting off for four years  and that’s ok cause I wanted to start it now , feeling like I finally was getting a hold on my anxiety enough to try stuff like this school again but it kinda started to all go down hill before I even got to class. 

Ok so here’s a brief review of my day: I woke up and watched markiplier YouTube videos till 8am when I take my doctor prescribed antidepressants. After that I had breakfast and started doing some laundry so I could have some clean cloths for school. However I loose track of time while doing the laundry and before I know it, I only have an hour and a half to get ready. This isn’t a problem for normal people, normal people take fifteen minute showers and then get ready but not me. For whatever reason as soon as warm water hits my skin I just want to stay in it all day. The water helps me think and clear my head so I kinda lost track of time by a whole hour. I’ve only got a few minutes before I will be deemed late, something the person who’s giving me a ride isn’t happy about. Now to get something clear, I still live with my mom and dad which isn’t something unusual for a 19 year old but sometimes my parents can be hard to be around. My mom is sweet but since she just hurt her back she hasn’t been able to do much around the house, in turn, this pisses of my dad. My dad is an old battle axe to be honest. He’s got a bad temper and a very loud voice, he gets angry very easily at very little things. 

Latley things haven’t gone his way, and it’s been making him madder then a lion who had its tail run over. Things making him mad include: not getting a home cooked dinner cause of mom, me taking to long in the shower and useing to much hot water, his employer ticking him off, my pets making a mess of the house, and general life stuff. Anyway after I’m halfway done getting ready and it’s not even time to go, he screams at me to hurry up and get in the car, now loud noises and voices are a major trigger for my anxiety ( which he doesn’t care about or understand btw) so inside my brain/body my fight or flight instincts go haywire. 

 I start getting panicked and mentally start freaking out, this along with the stress of starting driving school was scaring me to death, to the point where I was visibly shaking, dad must have noticed and tried to help by buying my a lemonade (favorite drink) but it didn’t really help. He dropped me off at the school and I’m shaking like a  Chihuahua waiting for class to start.

Class it’s self was ok and I met some new friends but as anyone who’s ever dealt with anxiety will tell you that even though your not freaking the heck out anymore, you still are incredibly skittish and jumpy. ( my friends call me little rabbit because I get like this so much) by the time class is over and I’m home cooking dinner that I start feeling the full effects of my body’s temporary distress. 1. Tiredness, 2. Loss of appetite, 3.headache and sound sensitivity, finally the diarrhea and nausea I’m experiencing now.  The panic I could deal with, but the after effects of feeling sick are awful . Anyway that was my day, writing here always makes me feel better, what would really make me feel better is if you guys told me about your ways of  coping  with stress or sickness, what makes you feel better?   

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