Easter is over

Which means, back to school tomorrow! 

During the easterbreak, I have been dying of boredom. Really, easter is really nothing special in my family so we dont really do anything special at all. At first I was enjoying, spending time with friends. But then I got really tired and ended up staying home half of the break. Sitting in my room, binge watching korean dramas. Typical, maybe hanging out alittle with friends from time to time but really nothing too special. 

Before the easter break, I was supposed to finish a science assignment. I ended up not doing it since I really didn’t understand crap about the assignment at all. The teacher was really mad, and complained and yelled at me several times to do it. I was supposed to do it this break. But, ofcourse I didn’t. I was thinking of it several times. Just like “oh, I still have that assignment to finish up”, but then the thought dissapeared quickly and I ended up being to lazy to do it, or just completely forgetting about it. Hopefully my teacher also forgot about it, and doesnt kill me tomorrow with more yelling. My own fault for being so damn lazy. 

Also It will be greeattt to see friends again. I like going to school, people I like are there (and then we just pretend the ones we dont like, dont exist). I will also be seeing that guy whom ditched me a week ago again, wonder if it will be awkward? Yah, but not very important. Anddd, well also see if my friends like my green hair 😉

Talking about my green hair. It’s green at the topp (roots and stuff). But somehow its blueish at the ends. The weirdest thing, its brownish, blueish and greenish in the middle. My hair look like some kind of mixture between an awesome galaxy theme and puke. 

One thought on “Easter is over”

  1. Maria, sorry u didn’t have a really fun Easter or spring break 🙁 I am glad you got friends that you can hang out with. Some of my best friends are at school. Science and or Physics can be tough either way, I just had my physics exam and thought for sure I would not do as well as I did, guess my time studying helped there but It is without a doubt typically my worst! wish you better luck with the guy that you said ditched you. I know it’s none of my business, but stay clear of those that will keep bringing you down or making you feel in a bad way. Life is yours to control! You deserve to be happy! The good friends that you have at school and accept you as you are, no matter what, will always stand by your side, or they should! I have a few gfs that have their hair done with strands of color, some colors mixed, also in blue, pink, red and yep! even green! lol They are still the same friends to me as before 🙂 Good luck as you get back to school and your friends. Stay strong and Be You! That’s what I say to all my friends. Have a nice rest of the week. 🙂

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