Life is a Story that is still being told.

By Trevor Goforth

My life as I’ve viewed it has always been an an adventure. My skeptical nature has always kept me at odds with the status quo. I’m the type of person that when something or someone interests me I’ve always wanted to know their story. 

I believe that everyone’s life is a story. Some people seem to be in control of their story and know themselves and know exactly what chapter of their life that they are living in. 

For others their story is not within their grasps. Every decision is based on reaction instead of being proactive. Maybe it’s biological or environmental conditions but they just seem to be living their lives at the mercy of others. 

Many people will judge them not realizing that they’ve never been told they can live a better story. 

My life was like that for many years. My chapters were pages of low self esteem and depression. I always let others control my story. 

Over 5 years ago during a time of extreme sadness and change in my life. I decided to close the book on that narrative. I decided to write a new story, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

It was in no particular order but over the last few years I’ve regained control in those areas areas of my life that for too long were being written by those whom I allowed to tell me who I was as a person. So many voices that had to be silenced.  

One of the many books that I read during this journey were. “Sacred Hoops” by former NBA coach Phil Jackson. In the book Phil expands on the philosophy of Zen Meditation and Native Spirituality to help athletes perform in a mindful way without being stressed out. The idea of meditation was new to me.

The aspects of mindfulness and awareness in the heat of the moment were paramount to saving my mind from anxiety and panic attacks which would lead to depression. I’m still a work in progress but it’s been awesome journey to be able to start to control my emotions and see the results as I become a more emphatic and compassionate person.

 Though I still have many questions within my life in regards to the spiritual and I have a deep respect for people who can live out their faith with respect for others and treat others with empathy and compassion.  I myself an still exploring what faith means to me. 

In this journey I am still searching and I am still writing a story that is still being told. 

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