259.0 – Same

I came to a realization yesterday as I was breaking my fast at about 2 PM because my hunger was so ravenous I couldn’t stand it. I have spent the last couple of days beating myself up over the fact that I’ve intended to fast and then I get so hungry I end it. What was wrong with me? I could fast with no problem for 3-5 days, what am I doing wrong this time??

It hit me like lightning yesterday: I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. I’ve started exercising.

Today marks day 17 of regular 1 hour 15 min walks, and today marks day 3 of strength training (and boy, are my arms tired, hyuck hyuck. No but seriously though they’re so sore today, ) I’m actually pretty relieved to realize this. It seems so obvious now, but I am going through the sort of hunger I went through back in my Calories-In, Calories-Out (CICO) days- I can just eat non-stop, all day long. However, unlike my CICO days, my weight is rock-steady right now.

I know my body is going through a lot of changes and that my weight loss will resume at some point relatively shortly, although it may take weeks. That’s OK.

So I’m stopping the whole “trying to fast” thing for now and I’m just going to stick to keeping my carbs under 20, but eating hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I’ll see where that gets me.

B: Three egg omelette with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese, avocado on top
L: Lamb and chicken salad with olive oil dressing
D: Meatballs with marinara, probably some salted seaweed sheets a crunchy after-dinner snack

Have an awesome OP day, all

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