creole dreamin

im tired as fuck.

holy fuck, im really starting to feel the weight of school. the stress is starting to take its toll on me. i wasnt even able to travel to louisiana for my cousins wedding this weekend. i hate it. i love louisiana and all my extended family down there. ive got a large, extended creole family <3 and all of my family comes from and still lives deep in the state and new orleans. whenever i tell someone in colorado that i have family roots in louisiana they automatically think that they must all be hicks or rednecks. ill have you know that my beautiful louisiana family are all lawyers, statesmen, and even doctors. a pedigree of Louisiana lawyers going back to the 19th century! i really hate all of the negative southern stereotypes that people in colorado have about misconceptions of southerners. like, if youre going to hate on my family do it for the right reasons. like the fact that were a family of all affluent and wealthy dysfunctional weirdos that resemble characters from a bad tennessee williams play. or a bad reading of django…without the slavery. its just irritating the stereotypes that people above dixie harbor towards southerners. including my paternal grandparents. theyve always kind of looked down at my mother simply because shes from louisiana. her father, my grandfather, is a doctor in louisiana!!! with his own practice!! but they always act like my mom is from the bayou in a tar shack. im just irritated about family drama. including my grandma who makes shady comments about “good that you didnt go to Louisiana honey. you need to focus on your studies. plus they have lice down there. you dont need that during finals”. the level of stupidity ….. if she wasnt my grandmother i would have told her off a long time ago. 

anyway, i probably wont be able to visit during summer either since im planning on taking calculus 3 during summer at boulder. i get to graduate in early june and then i still have to stay 2 months at boulder in order to take 1 more math class during the summer GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT. seriously….kinda fuck my life right now. 


anyway….got to go to class. 

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