pretty. bright.

I know so many cute people. It surprises me sometimes just how many beautiful people are around to look at.

I’m not even talking about people who are beautiful on the inside. I’m just referring to people who LOOK pretty. Everyone looks pretty. For example:

This girl who has perfectly smooth brown skin and a really nice curvy body (I don’t care if that sounds weird) and always dresses in the coolest almost-hipster street-fashion outfits with scarves and boots.

My friend JS who has really big bright eyes and really smooth and dewy tan skin and really straight and perfect hair and a really simple but striking fashion sense.

This guy I know in computer programming (I only know him because we have a paired program together) who is really cute in that quiet nerdy tech way. I don’t know how to explain it. He has some acne and his hair and eyes are both brown, but he’s really cute.

This other guy I know who has really pretty gold hair and a really wide, beautiful smile.

And this one guy who is cute because he’s always really quiet and considerate and he’s really smart and helpful.

Also, there’s that cheerleader who has perfect makeup (I’ve seen her face up close and her eye makeup game is strong af) and has a really nice kind of raspy voice.

And a girl I know who is slim and doll-like. She has red-gold hair and rust-colored freckles over her face and she looks absolutely adorable in everything she wears.

And another girl (I notice a lot of pretty girls) who has big, kind of hipster-ish glasses and this gorgeous smile and really pretty eyes. I notice other people’s smiles a lot.

I don’t even know. I think most of the people I see are just really really pretty, and it sounds creepy, but I just like watching them laugh and talk and move because they’re so unbelievably beautiful. It’s really weird. I won’t ever even be brave enough to talk to them because they’re just so lovely. It makes me envious, but not in an angry or bitter way. I just like looking at people because most of them are really beautiful in some way or another. If you look at them, there’ll be something pretty about them. I like seeing people smile, because when they do, they look really bright and genuine and free.

This sounds really weird and creepy. People are just pretty. I’m a creep. Oh well. They just really are beautiful. I like looking at people smile and laugh, and I like listening to their voices. I can remember my friends by their voices, what they sound like. I also like looking at other people’s handwriting. People are so pretty. I’m not–I’m ugly as heck–but I like knowing that there are people around me who are really beautiful. They make everything seem brighter and nicer than it really is.

2 thoughts on “pretty. bright.”

  1. As someone similar to one of the people you mentioned, it brings me joy that someone as positive as you would see us in a positive light. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pretty, there are many people that are in our sights every day and around us that are great looking, dress great and seem to always be happy. The truth is, many of the same people you talk about may be completely different on the inside. Beauty can be great ONLY if ones heart and soul is beautiful as well ! I have been taught and have experienced on my own, that looks can hide many bad things. That is why I have learned to never judge a person by the cover alone, as my folks have taught me and my two sisters. I know you will care less about what I say, but please don’t knock yourself for what you think you look like. Others that have a true heart and soul will never judge you or anyone and accept you for the person you truly are. Idk you but I would never think of you as a creep or ugly and neither should you. Hope you have a nice rest of the week and a happy, safe weekend! 🙂

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