Day 19 – 30 Days of Kindness

Today was my third day working from home. I kinda love it. I get lots done, can start my dinner and today at lunch, I had a hot bath because I was chilly. 

It was a gloomy cloudy day, and I was prepared to cocoon in and not even pop my head out the door, but after dinner something urged me to go for a walk. The sky was very dark with rain clouds which moved in quickly and, about 15 minutes into my walk, it started to rain. I turned and headed for home, and then I realized….why? I’m already wet, I can’t get wetter, I feel happy and at peace, why should I stop walking?

So I kept going and something inside me ignited and fuelled my energies. I smiled as the rain dripped off my nose and down my face. I felt my whole body being cleansed, right to my soul. What am amazing freeing feeling. I kept walking until the rain stopped and the sun peaked out just before it dropped into a beautiful sunset. 

Thank you Mother Nature for showing your kindness to me tonight and giving me exactly what I didn’t even know I needed. 💧💦

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