Day 418 – Working hard

Tuesday, April 18th 2017

Off to a good start, I guess…

I started with psychology. We finished our notes and started studying. I have a lot to do.

In French class we had a presentation and all I gathered from it is that ripped jeans are now allowed, finally. Now bring the short problem back to fingertips instead of one horizontal hand over the knee. Seriously, who makes shorts that long for teenagers? Anyway, after that, Kohai borrowed me her gameboy, since she wanted to share a piece for her childhood with me, which is sweet. Too bad I might not be able to use it for the next few days.

At lunch I sat with Kohai, then I left her for art class. I sanded my pot, since it dried up over the weekend. I couldn’t get it completely round, but if I spend too long on it, it’ll take forever.

I finished with English. Apparently there is a log we were supposed to do that no one knew about, except one person… Anyway, we did it, and after reading it, my teacher showed my grade again, which is 80 (a little above average for Canada’s grades). She told me I should be at least getting an 85, because of what she just read, but since I did “okay” on a previous test, it was brought down, so she told me what I should do to fix it. After that, all the things I had to do crashed down on me and the desire to get the highest grade I could came along. I realised 80, heck, 85 doesn’t even satisfy me anymore. In the past all I needed was a 75 (average). Now I need higher than that. I was thinking about this in the bus while a baby stared at me. He doesn’t have to experience stress for a while still. Lucky him.

At home, all I did was concentrate for work. I finished writing my discussion forum, then studied psychology. I finished the poster on the server and set it up in the shop, but spent way too long on it and took away from studying time. I continued to study, then tried to make a forum work, but since it was all in MySQL, I had no idea what to do to complete it. I just needed a tiny little thing for it, but whatever. After an hour of being frustrated with it, I decided I’ll just program a quick site that just looks like a forum. Why didn’t I just do that beforehand? It would have been much faster for my project, since I don’t need an actual forum, just somewhere to show my discussion.

For the next couple days, I’m going to be talking to no one online. I’m not gonna be working on any side projects, such as the book and Google contest. I have a lot to do in the small amount of time that I have, so I need total concentration and no distractions.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Working with MySQL? Nice, I was doing that stuff at ~14 btw so keep up your curiosity about these things 🙂

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