Drunk again

Drunk again. So I should have been prepared for the abuse. 

You got into yet another fight on facebook,  this one resulting in people falsely accusing you of being a pedophile.  I had no part in it, but you have chosen to take it out on me.. I’m your punching bag. You kicked me and started on the usual calling me a whore, cunt, ugly. 

I ignore you as usual , but you don’t let up and if anything you get worse. 

You ask me to help you get food, you ask me to help you find your phone. I pretend to be asleep so I don’t have to deal with you.  That doesn’t stop you, you just yell louder, nevermind it’s late and other people are sleeping. You also begin throwing things across the room at me. I finally answer you only to make you stop yelling. You want to know where the ice cream is. Really? I guess when you’re drunk you don’t realize ice cream would be in the freezer. 

I tell you where it is and of course you respond to tgat by telling me how ugly I am and why you would never get a hard on when you are with me. I love you too. 

I cry and so you shame me for that as well. Thus is what my life has become: every night getting belittled by a drunk. 

Even if you “apologize” it’s so half assed and turned around so that no one cares about you. You’re the victim. 

You’re always the victim. 

Now you’re pretending like you’re going to hit me and telling me that I better jump. I hate you so much right now. I hate you! I want nothing more than to hit you, but I wont. I’m not like you. 

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