Good to be back

First day of school after easterbreak. Wasn’t that long, but it felt like forever since I had absolutely nothing to do at all. 

When I went to school today, I felt really, like really confident. I’ve got my newly dyed green hair. My new black jacket, ripped jeans, choker and black boots. I felt I looked cool, and got alot of compliments on both my hair and outfit. But to be honest, I think I look pretty damn cool almost every single day. I spend like about an hour everyday trying to find something to wear for school the next day. Why? Because, I am basiclly invisible at my school. The way I dress and just how I look is everything I got for people to notice me at all. I’m silent. And it’s not exacly a bad thing: I love fashion! I love spending forever finding something to wear. I want to impress. 

But today, there was one spesific guy I wanted to look good for. Or no, not for him. For myself. Since he decided to ditch me, hes gonna see that I’m confident as hell anway and do not need him to be awesome! I realise he probably doesn’t think that way, but in my mind I like to think he does. He really just ignored me the whole day though. I looked at him from time to time, just to check if he is ignoring me or if he has already forgotten me. Seems he has moved on, then I shall not bother doing anything either; I shall just move on with life too (but I’m not going to ignore, as that doesnt get me anywhere).

But theres this odd thing: When I was walking with my friend in the hallway at school. Just talking, going to our classroom. Then suddenly, someone comes in full speed from behind us, and just bumps really hard into me. Like they literally walked straight into my left side and pushes me entirely. I expect for them to at least apologize. But no, they just keep walking super fast and doesn’t even look behind them to check. Guess who it was; the guy who is ignoring me. What was the point in that? Is he literally ignoring me so hard that he has deleted me from existence? Have I become completely invisible in his mind now, that he doesnt even see me walking so he just decides to walk straight into me? Even if it was an accident its not cool, he didnt even have to hurry as the bell havent even rung yet. He didnt have anyone waiting for him either to hurry to. He just had to walk straight into me like a douche. He thinks I’m mad, does he want me to be more mad? 


Another topic, what makes today a good day is that I found a green haired guy in town. Also asian. I tend to develop crushes real fast on people with cool hair. Either they have cool hair or a cool style, thats what catches my attention real fast. He seemed to have noticed my green hair aswell, and we literally became two weird ass green haired people staring at eachothers. Too bad hes probably alot older than me. In big cities this is probably just like not that big of a deal. But in my mind it is. Its a small city i live in. Everyone knows everyone, so having new faces here is really special and makes me so curious why I have never seen this person before. 

He’s a hot stranger, too bad I’m probably never going to see him ever again. 



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