The truth

The truth is there is no truth to all this.. there is no truth to what I have done because he didn’t give me any indication that I was in a happy relationship.. I will  never say that what I did was wrong because it wasn’t people will judge and throw abuse at me but one thing they will never understand that sometimes in life you’ll be selfish and you’ll think of nothing but yourself and yes that is selfish but your coffin will always be the same size no matter what you do in life.. so its not what you take when leave the world behind its what leave when you go   So no matter what mistakes you make in life if you stay true to who you are then that’s what will get through in life.. don’t  ever be ashame of who you are because you were created to be the best you can be and even though at times it may not be good enough you just have to face that you’ll never quite cut it for people

i will never be ashamed of my mistakes and I will never take people’s opinions too close to heart because they will never understand the path I’ve had to take to get where I am today and they will never have to because it is my life and I will live the way I want whether people like It or not. I will not hang in the shadows like a old photo on the wall and I will never allow anyone to make me feel worthless because If they could ever make anyone feel that little then that clearly shows the kind of person they are and the kind of person they’ve grown to be.. so the truth is I AM HUMAN. I’m allowed to make mistakes 

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