Tomorrow, please don’t come.

Tomorrow I have a 4 hour assessment day, I really don’t want it to come anymore, I really do not want to do this assessment. In fact  I do not ever want to do this assessment. What have I gotten myself into? Re-going over aptitude tests, not even being able to finish one, and constantly thinking what the fuck is this, and how did this answer come about? I use to be good at physics, but I’ve forgotten how to do the equations. Mechanical reasoning? NO Thank you, Why do you even exist? Your going to cause me grief for the rest of the night, might even be the provider of my tears. Beyond stressed is what I will be. I do not understand these tests, and they expect me to be able to answer questions without a calculator, not just any equations, algebra and trigonometry. My brain isn’t a human calculator how will I get away with no calculator? This is a massive what the fuck moment by me, one of many in-fact. Breathe, and chill they say, how am I meant to breathe when I can’t even think right. How am I meant to chill when I don’t understand mechanical reasoning, and algebra, trigonometry with a calculator, and the most simple physics equations that I once knew really well.

Tomorrow please do not come. You are not welcome here no more.

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