Where would I be?

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do everyday?

What led you to where you are right now? How would your life be if you didn’t make that change 2 weeks, years, days, or months ago? Who would you have met? Who would you be hanging out with on the weekend?

I look at myself in the mirror from time to time and think about how my life would’ve been if I had done the things I could’ve done 5 years ago, but than I remember that it doesn’t matter what I would’ve done because my life is exactly where it’s supposed to be as of today.

If I would’ve done those things I am talking about, I would be living at home, single, dealing with a friendship that would’ve been extremely toxic to my well being and probably going to college for something that I would’ve hated in the future..

Today I am in a strong relationship that is a year and four months into my life. I have amazing friends who are always helping me and understanding what I am doing with my life and my career. I now have 2 different families I can call my own. My own blood related family and my boyfriends family whom I both love. I have a good job and I am going to school for something I LOVE and I’ll tell you I am not exaggerating when I say that I LOVE what I am going to school for.

So no matter how your life is going right now, just know that you are meant to fulfill that life and eventually you will have a completely different life in 10 days or it could be as long as 10 years, but you will have the most amazing life wherever that may be.


One thought on “Where would I be?”

  1. I have this same thought sometimes. I cannot say for certain that my life is “where it should be”, but I think that I am in an okay place. For me, that is enough right now. Congrats to you!

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