259.0 – Same

Feeling good today. In fact, I am hungry this morning, which is a new sensation (hunger first thing in the morning). I wolfed down my omelette for breakfast yesterday, had extra lamb in my lamb salad, and we finished the evening at a steakhouse for dinner (an unexpected event on a Wednesday night, but I ended up with beef tenderloin bleu cheese medallions, a lobster tail, butter, and veggies.) And this morning I am still hungry

My arms are still sore, but I can work on my core and back today. Just 5 minutes, again. I’m about to leave for my normal walk with Dad, so there’s some movement for 1 hour 15 mins.

B: Omelette with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese
L: Salad with olive oil, grilled chicken, and nuts on top
D: The meatballs we didn’t eat last night

Have an awesome OP day, all

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