agape love

have u ever stpped and thibk about how much we over use the word love? we use it t describe our extreme liking for food, tv shows, electronics, spouses, pets.. and that’s just to name a few. is it the same kind of love? of course not. the problem is in everyday life we dont distinguish the differences in the types of love. for example I love my children. i also love bacon. do i love bacon the same way as i do my children? of course not, but yet i use the same word to describe both. now of course thats extreme cases but what about something not so extreme.. i love when the is a marthon on tv of my favorite show.. I love the sunsets. still two totally different types. one love comes from the soul the other from some other less important sounding body part. i was going to say flesh but then that might imply that it was a bad thing or something us Christians must die to. but that simply isn’t the case.
but when it comes to our spouse- is the word love enough or even fair to use? The bible tells us God gives us a spouse to show us just a fraction of his love here on earth. a fraction. when i say something like God’s love- does that sound everyday? does that sound big? well yeah! GOD loved me enough he sent his son to die for me.. woah. hold the phone—thats a whole lotta loving.. loving that honestly im not sure if im capable of. but thats ok, bc he isnt asking us to sacrifice our children— he did. im sure that having the power to raise the dead that prob takes the sting out of death.. let alone the all knowing part… but im not sure if that was the hard part anyway.
for example… ur kid breaks his arm. as u are on the way to the hospital he is screaming in pain now you know eventually things are gonna be ok.. but at that moment he has never felt any pain that bad and he is scared. he has never been to ER. all he wants is for u to hold him but u cant.. at that time it doesn’t matter that a doc will fix it.. it doesnt matter that eventually he wont be in pain.. what you want right then and there is for ur child not to be in pain. not to be suffering. so yah God knew Jesus would be raised from the dead… but how did he feel when his son hung om a cross and asked him why did he leave him as he slowly and painfully died. Thats GOds love. thats the type of love we are suppose to be giving and receiving in our marriages. The bible calls is agape love. Agape is a greek word meaning selfless love. Its an unconditional love that serves regardless of circumstances. I love strawberries. Do i agape love them? well if strawberries flavor changed, would i still love them? well i dunno, depends on the new flavor. or what if strawberries became rare and the price became extremely high. Would i still eat them by the dozens.. prob not. id prob just start eating more pineapple. but my spouse thats a different story…
Maybe we have insecurities in our marriages because our spouses dont know our love for them is apage love.. not just some everyday/ every moment type of love. I love you like strawberries… i love you like God loves me.. BIG difference. which is where all of this started.. I am truly blessed to be married to an amazing man. I really believe he is my soul mate. but like every marriage we both entered with our baggage. Bc one of the things i internally struggle with most is insecurity and self worth issues its hard for me to believe he could apage love me. furthermore I dont think he even a tiny amount grasps how I apage love him. we like to set terms on our love in marriage, dont we? we say things like well as long as you dont cheat on me… as long as you arent abusive… as long as you provide for me… my most used is the cheating….. but is that really true? if jamie had an affair would i still.lovw him? If i apage love him then the answer is yes. which is why i think it would be so painful.. bc I would still love him. i love him unconditionally! there are NO terms.. God doesnt stop loving me even though i ignore him, turn on him, dont spend time in his presense. nope, he loves me regardess of how many times i fail him… I apage love Jamie.

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