April 20, 2017

Today my boyfriend and I celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. We have been together for three amazing years and more to come. Due to the reason that we are going on vacation to Orlando Florida next month, we are just going to take a stroll at the beach and drink our favorite drinks at the coffee shop Juan Valdez. We did this on one of our dates when we were dating.

It all started the day I met him at the bank I used to go to every week. I was working for my ex boyfriend and one of my tasks was to deposit on the business account at the bank. I was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend for almost 6 years but it did not work out. After 4 years together, the relationship started to fall apart. It was a break up and make up relationship whenever things went wrong. We barely went on dates and it felt like I was only there because he needed help and money for his business ideas. I did not stay with him for a long time because I loved him, I think I never really did love him, it was because I was dependent on him. Well it let to the point where I had enough and could not take it anymore. I remember one day that I was praying to God to please give me the strength to leave this relationship and that I want to meet someone else who is a better person. I promised God as well that I will give this person all the love he needs and do my best to maintain a good relationship with him.
That day had finally come. I left my ex boyfriend for good even though he made a big drama about it at first and I started talking to my current boyfriend who added me on Facebook. It was a big surprise at first because I did not know he liked me. I always had an eye for him since the first day I saw him but I never knew at that moment that he would be my amazing boyfriend in the future. He told me that he liked me since the first day he saw me and his friend who is also his coworker knew about it for months. 

After the wonderful dates and conversations, he asked me to be his girlfriend (at the spot in the photo above). We may have our ups and downs but it is nothing that can break us apart. We always show how much we love each other no matter what. We also respect and trust each other which is very important for a relationship to work out.
I thank God for hearing me and letting me meet this amazing person. I also made a promise and I always keep my promises. My boyfriend told his coworker friend that I am the girl he wants to marry one day before he even met me. Well here we are 3 years later still going strong. we are not getting married yet but we will in the future when we are ready. There is no rush. We are planning to live together at first, travel and work on our dreams. 

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