Chapter 4 – Conversations

“You know what my biggest insult to the Witcher is?”
I raised my eyebrow.
“I am not even jealous. Not a bit. You could just as well have a sleepover with the Dragon.”
“Maybe because you know that if I wanted to run away with him, I would have done so long ago. He doesn’t want or would ever be able to replace you.”
“You know I could forbid you all contact with him?”
“And you know I will never be together with someone who tells me to break contact with one of my friends. Force me and you will only lose.”
He glared at me.
“You do know I care for him? He means a lot to me.”
“Yeah, he’s okay, I like him too. Tell him he should start calling me by my name. Somehow he seems reluctant to do so.”
“Yes, I know he is. Maybe he just has a problem with calling people nicknames, even when everybody else does.”
“His is pretty great. Has a nice sound to it and it fits him.”
“You know you gave it to him?”
“I did?”
“Yes, all those years ago, you would ask me if the Witcher would join us for gaming nights.”
“You don’t expect me to remember this. I can’t even recall what I had for breakfast. And who are you anyway, what are you doing in my house?”
I replied with a wink: “Oh believe me, I’ve been asking myself the same question.”


“I love you, mommy.”
Elsa released her hug to look me in the eyes, took my face in her tiny hands, then kissed my cheek so tenderly it felt like the brush of a feather.
“Can I leave the dinner table now and play with my Legos?”
Ah. That’s my girl. One day she’ll be sitting on top of the world wraping everyone around her finger.
I dismissed her.


“I am married. I have a daughter. I don’t intend to change anything about my life. Still, I am your son’s girlfriend. Please respect that this may never be out in the open. I just wanted you to know.”
The Witcher’s father and me were sitting by the riverside, on a sunny spring day, both looking out to the woods on the other side of the bubbling water.
“Oh, the whole family knows.”
“No, they don’t. They wonder, or suspect. I’m sure they gossip. Now you are the only one who knows. I need you to make sure it stays that way.”
Something told me I could trust him.
“Are you expecting Elsa’s sibling or half-sibling?”
“Nice way to put that question. Sibling.”
I could see he was disappointed.
“You know he doesn’t want any children.”
“But he is great with them. I also didn’t plan to have children, and ended up being a single father of two, one of them not even biologically mine. Sometimes people need a little nudge.”
“Sometimes you can’t stop things from happening. But to knowingly act against the Witcher’s wishes is unacceptable. He doesn’t want children, I don’t want a divorce. Plus I am not even thirty yet, let’s talk about it again in ten years.”
Before I left he told me: “No matter the circumstances, I am happy about you being in my son’s life.”
He has treated me like family ever since.

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