Day 011 – Procasination

Today was fine.

I have not much to do in office, I fixed some known bugs and spend most of the time reviewing my code how to make it more modular, easy to maintainable & extend. I read some Articles On Server Architecture to support Hundreds & thousands of viewers/spectators and on tea break I discussed this Architecture with my colleague, he shared some other good stuff with me. Before signing off from office I Played some Roblox.

Well lets talk about Procrastination, Its been almost 3 years I have got or developed that bad habit of procrastination, In these years I haven’t build something to show but I did learn a lot and failed to apply this knowledge.
What I’m doing wrong is I pick one hobby and after week or two I jumped to another hobby. I’m doing this damn thing for three years, Right now I’m buzzing and feel lacked, empty, created so many doubts and no sense of progression.

I need to overcome this rut If you have some suggestions kindly do share them.

That’s all for today.

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