Must Read: High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with Subtitles)

Still conducting research regarding the nefarious forces that continue to dominate this world.ย  I came across this site:

This is an interview with Ronald Bernard a dutch business person and his personal account of what he learned about how the world really is through his experiences in High Finances.ย  The video is about 30 minutes long, its worth seeing it.

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  1. Spartan, I watched some of this video with the little time that I had during my lunch break but I will need to get to class soon and I need to leave you a comment. Thanks so much for your comment on my last post. Idk what to expect with modeling but your words of advise, I will speak to my folks about. My folks and I are meeting with the agency on Saturday afternoon in Orlando. I surely donโ€™t want to get into something that will harm me in any way nor mess up my true focus in life. I am a Christian teen and my faith in God is strong. This is one reason my folks enrolled me into a Christian Prep School. Thanks so much for your awesome advice! I am also really sorry that I overlooked mentioning your name in my last post. ๐Ÿ™ ( I have included your name in my post ) You are a follower and I value that and your awesome comments and advice. ( Most of this same comment I copied from the reply to you on my last post ) I just wanted to make sure you saw it because your comment was great advice to me, thanks so much! Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe! ๐Ÿ™‚

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