No one should have to work like this

For anyone that has worked in the nursing field, you know two things. One: it’s never an easy job. Two: every place you work seems to be the same. There’s always a clique. There’s always a staff member that’s up the boss’ rectum. There’s always the bitch that will never get fired, but you wish he/she would. You know they could get away with murder. 3 years ago, I left a job because of all of those reasons. No one ever told me every place is the same. Being fresh into the nursing field, I found out the hard way. A few months after resigning, I started a new job. My first instincts are usually correct. Needless to say, 2 years and some odd months into this new job, I’m so close to my breaking point. I start considering maybe nursing isn’t for me, but I genuinely love to help people who can no longer help themselves. Today, 4/20/17, I wasn’t even at work for 3 hours. I’ve had it. I needed to leave. So I did. For those of you reading this, you may think it was selfish for me to go home, and leave the patients behind. Trust me, I think that every time I leave early or call off. It only happens few and far between. 

I try my damndest to get along with everyone. There are just some people you can’t help but be disgusted by. I like to stay away from the drama. I have enough going on in life. My two co workers that think like I do, were off today. So it was a lonely day. 

I was stuck with the snobby bitch who will never get fired, the staff member in my boss’ anus, and the clique. I felt alone. 

In a nursing home, you know what you’re walking into. Not like the ER where everything is different. Being said that not much changes in a home, the daily assignment should be made as fair as possible. Today it wasn’t. I mentioned something to my unit manager, who I thought was my friend. And she went back and told the bitch who will never be fired. 


I know she went back and told her because while in the shower room, the bitch, for short terms,  starts making all these comments that directly lead back to what I said to my unit manager. For someone who I confided in, I guess I can’t trust. From reading this, you may think I’m being over dramatic. But you may have forgotten. I’ve been emotionally targeted for 2 years by the same people. 



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  1. Hi cat lady, I stumbled across your entry and it struck a chord with me today. I too am a nurse and I can really relate to what you say in your entry, I work with some fabulous colleagues I would go so far to call them good friends, and a few absolute snakes in the grass. My husband thinks I’m naïve for thinking that as nurses we should have each other’s back, which I suppose I am! But there is such a high level of dishonestly and bitchery in the profession I seriously consider quitting some days. Anyway just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your feelings x

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