Surgery Day….

Surgery went smooth as silk, even with the finding of a cyst on my spine. Surgery took a little longer because of this.

Amazingly when I woke up I was pain free! My right leg is still a little weak, but I feel so much better!

The Staff at Erlanger Hospital are the sweetest ever! In Pre-Op, one new nurse, sweet little girl had a hell of a time getting my IV started. She blew out twice and called for help. Poor girl was distraught , but I kept smiling and telling her how wonderful she was, I know how defeated you can feel. Then a team started working on me, and after five sticks in the back of my hands they caught a good spot. I apologized profusely, telling that I have old man veins and that I was sorry. I never complained and kept on siling as I knew I was going to get fixed!

The Anesthesiologist, a great fellow from Nigeria saw I was hurting bad and he gave me 2 mg of Fentanyle and I was greatly relieved, he offered more, but I told him I was fine. He stuck around with me for a bit as I drifted away. I remember singing various parts of some Grateful Dead songs.

I do not remember even entering the surgical room.

When I woke up my throat was sore from the endotracheal tube. I had a hard time speaking, and when able I asked for a cup of coffee! I ended up drinking 3 cups and it was so damn devine!

Back in my room they got me out of bed and sitting in a recliner! They brought my wife and Mom to see me. I drank more coffee and laughed and joked abuot how good i felt.

Honest to God it is amazing!

I was discharged at around 4:00 pm!

There was a fuck up at the pharmacy over my pain meds and I requested my prescription back and will take it to another pharmacy tomorrow. I honestly felt that CVS was trying to rip me off tonight!

We stopped at  Sonic on the way home for lunch, late lunch and we have been out tonight for Chinese.

During all of this with my back I have lost 20 pounds as I could not eat from the pain, I guess that is why I am so hungry now that I am out of the serious pain.

Funny, now that the Sciatic Nerve pain is gone, the numbness in m  hands is noticeable again. My Doctor is ready to do surgery on my neck next!

It is fantastic to feel human again.

Thanks be to God for my miraculous recovery! 

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  1. Congratulations on your successful story. I work as a nurse in a hospital…for the past 8 years now. It’s wonderful to hear success stories from patients 🙂 I will be following your progress.

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