Teen too early…

I didn’t think I would have to deal with her being unappreciative and a brat until she reached her teen years.  She is only 11 years old and she already has me in tears of frustration and sadness.  It’s almost like 11 years up until this point that I have poured all of my energy and time into is turning against me.  I have never felt like this with her up until this point.  And it hurts.  A lot.   Tears are streaming down as I write this.  I pray to God this changes and she sees the light or something…  Lord please, I need strength.  Is anyone else dealing with an 11 year old daughter who thinks she’s a teenager already!?  I am about to literally look for support groups………..

2 thoughts on “Teen too early…”

  1. I am so sorry.

    My youngest son became someone I did not know at 16, and unfortunately for his decisions I threw him out of our home. He was stealing, refusing to go to school and a host of other troubles.

    I explained to him that he was making adult decisions, so it was time to strike out on his own.

    That was 8 years ago.

    I have reached out to him 3 times and on the third time he tried to hustle me into co-signing a loan for him. That was the end of anything between us.

    It is very terrible how our children can treat us, acting as if they know everything when they know so little.

    It hurt me greatly for tossing him out, but it saved my sanity and any possible legal charges for his actions.

    God bless you and yours, my you find strength and comfort. I know how hard this can be.

  2. Thank you so much for both of your comments. I do appreciate this, from parent to parent. I’m sorry to hear about your son. Is he your only one? I will try and stay strong as well…

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