258.0 – Down 1 pound

I caught sight of myself in the mirror this morning and guys, I HAVE A WAIST AGAIN Granted it’s still covered in rolls, but I could not care less, I can see that my torso is whittling down even though my weight is staying relatively stable right now.

This whole ‘exercising regularly’ thing is the bee’s knees, baby I feel awesome, and every morning when I wake up I feel smaller. I don’t know if it’s in my head or what, but it’s noticeable most mornings, and it started about a week after I started my exercise regimen.

I’m still hongry throughout the day, so I have been listening to my body and feeding it. Large breakfast, moderate lunch, smaller dinner. I’m glad to have eggs regularly back in my life: I seem to only eat them for breakfast, and for the last few months I’ve hardly eaten breakfast at all until now.

B: Three over-medium eggs, bacon, avocado, coffee with coconut oil
L: Burger patty with bacon, avocado, and mayonnaise
D: Who knows, it’s Anything-Can-Happen Friday, but you can bet it’ll be OP

Have an awesome OP day

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