Back again

Hi, People!  I’ve been so busy writing and copying and etc. that I haven’t been on here in a long time—maybe 2-3 weeks.  Or maybe it just seems long.  How IS everyone?  How is RD and Harry?  Goddess?  Hoosier53?  Megg?  I miss y’all. We’re having Matthew’s 16 birthday party tomorrow.  16!  Wow!  He is asking why he can’t drive, since Joshua can drive and he is 16.  Joshua is not autistic.  Hard to know how to answer that one.  I don’t think Matthew and Jacob “know” that they are autistic.  Anyway, I’m hoping for a very happy party tomorrow.   I asked him who is his best friend and he said, “My Daddy.”  But his daddy is not coming to the party, I guess he has to work.  He is a doctor.  I wish he would stop by.  But the Serenity Prayer is timely for things like this.  Love to all of you; write me back if you have time!

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  1. Hey again SavedByGrace! I agree things change here often, and people come and go 🙂

    Please publish that short story somewhere and have a link to have some of us read it. It looks like from your previous entry that at least two people there were interested in reading it, so I’m sure more people are willing to read it as well.

    I’m still working on the book with Obs, and we should have it published pretty soon. Things are going well, I started a YouTube channel recently and have been putting up videos on there daily.

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