Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao

I Outside: So this is gonna be like awesome!
I Inside: (frowning with suspicion) “people are awesome” type?
I Outside: Nah, you know what I mean. (Counting with her fingers) we beat oversleeping last week; then we proudly refused to have that fatty ice cream; we even went out like a normal adult….
I inside: (interrupting) sorry sis, that was just you. I stayed home thinking about four years ago when we had that freakin’ fight with that freakin’ b**ch. Besides, it’s not you talkin’. It’s SSRIs.
I Outside: screw you! I’m bustin’ my ass here and you think you’re in charge?!
I Inside: well, I am in charge. You’re just my embodiment.
I Outside: Naha! I have my own rules. See this blue nail polish? You wanted it black.
I Inside: I just let you do that, ’cause you make so much noise when you’re mad.
I Outside: Say it to yourself. I have complete control over my behaviour.
I Inside: (rolling her eyes) your dear reader would disagree.
I outside: (standing and ready to attack) you know what? It’s all your freakin’ fault! You put me in a cell all the time! Without a break! You make me embarrassed! You drive me crazy! Literally!
I inside: Maybe if you were thinner or taller, or if you had blue eyes and big lips, I wouldn’t have to hide you day after day!
I Outside: did you just question my beauty?
I Inside: (sneering) your what?
I Outside: (shaking with anger) no more SSRI! I will smash you!
I Inside: you wouldn’t dare…!

At this moment, both my ‘I’s start screaming.

P.S.1: I love “people are awesome” videos. Youtube was the best thing that happened to humanity after 21 November 1694.

P.S.2: (completely irrelevant suggestion) Go watch “The I inside”(2004), esp. If you are torrrent-worm. Mind blowing!

P.S.3: So, yeah. Depression is common. Clinical depression can be common and we’re not a Prozac nation yet. But maybe we should be. SSRIs’ side effects are much better than inner monster’s side effects. You have my word on that.

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